This guide will help you get the most of the specific features for apparel decorators within shopVOX.

Quoting and Order Entry 💻

Order entry is the all important first step in running your shop more effectively. Learn how to do it the right way with the following articles.

Creating Quotes

  • How to create new quotes for your customers and leads
  • How to followup on quotes to close more orders

Adding Line Items to Quotes and Sales Orders

Adding Extras

  • How to add Color Changes and PMS Color Matches to Quotes and Sales Orders
  • How to add Shipping Charges to Quotes and Sales Orders

Creating Sales Orders

  • What is a Sales Order?
  • How to convert Quotes to Sales Orders
  • How to get down-payments and deposits for your orders
  • How

Design and Proofing 🎨


  • How to create proofs for your decorated apparel
  • How to upload customer samples and other assets for the design team

Online Proofing

  • How to upload a proof
  • How to remove a proof
  • How to send the proof to your customer for review
  • How to upload multiple proofs
  • How to attach a proof to the quote

Purchasing and Receiving 👕

  • How to create your "need to order" list of garments
  • How to create a Purchase Order for your "daily order" of shirts
  • How to create a Purchase Order individually for a Sales Order
  • How to create Purchase Orders for Promotional Products
  • How to receive apparel and blank garments

Production Management ⚙️

  • How to manage your decorated apparel production with the Job Boards
  • How to assign a press for your screen printing job
  • How to manage the daily production schedule
  • How to flag rush jobs

Invoicing and Payment 💵

  • When should I create the invoice?
  • How to record a payment

Shipping 📦

  • How to generate a Packing Slip
  • How to generate Box Labels
  • How to generate a shipping label using our FedEx and UPS integration

Reporting 📊

  • What reports are important for Apparel Decorators?
  • How to use our Jobs - Apparel Industry report

shopVOX Setup for Apparel Decorators 🚧

Proper setup and implementation of shopVOX is important to make the system work best for your shop. Here's our best practices for apparel decorators.

Getting Started

Click File > Make a Copy to customize this for your shop

Blank Garments and Apparel

Decoration Pricing

  • Starter products for Apparel Decorators
  • How to setup pricing for Screen Printing
  • How to setup pricing for Embroidery
  • How to setup pricing for Direct To Garment
  • How to setup pricing for Heat Transfer
  • How to setup pricing for Dye Sublimation

Promotional Products

  • How to setup pricing for Promotional Products

Workflow Templates

  • Starter workflow templates for Apparel Decorators
  • How to customize the Apparel Decorator workflow templates for your shop

Common Questions ❓

Here's some of the most common questions we get from customers like you.

Quoting Scenarios

Pricing Questions

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