Don't order from Sanmar, Broder, or TSC?

For suppliers that we don't have integrated within shopVOX - you can upload custom catalogs from a spreadsheet.

Yay, everybody wins!  😀

What do I need to do first?

First things first, you need to get the catalog from your supplier. 

I recommend you download this sample file. Then email it to your rep at that particular supplier, and say...

"I'd like my pricing for the items in your catalog in this specific format - so I can import into my new management system. It needs to be in XLS file format."

Most suppliers should be able to provide the correct file to you. If not, keep after them or look at one of our integrated suppliers.

Sample File

This sample contains the formatting required for import. It only contains details for Gildan 2000,5000, and 8000 style shirts.

Make sure your files are in XLS format. Not CSV or XLSX.

How to Upload Your Own Catalog

Step 1. Upload your Catalog

Click the Catalogs link from the main navigation

Click New Catalog

Name your Catalog


Enter a name for your catalog. The apparel styles will be sorted by catalog when adding to a quote or order.

Set price by Piece, Dozen, or Case

Would you like to use the Piece, Dozen, or Case Pricing as the cost basis?
Price By

Click Import

Select CSV/XLS File

Upload your catalog import file once you press this button.

See the sample file in this article for a template.

Map the Columns in your file to the fields in shopVOX

Make sure your columns match the correct field in shopVOX

The top row of dropdowns are the mapped fields in shopVOX.

Above each column in your CSV/XLS, select the corresponding field in shopVOX.

There are 5 required columns:

  • Style - the style number for the blank - ex. G8000 - shopVOX will group the different color and size options by Style field
  • Name - the name of the apparel - ex. Gildan 5000 Heavy Cotton T-Shirt
  • Size
  • Color
  • Unit Price

The following fields are optional:

  • Dozen Price
  • Case Price
  • Case Qty
  • Description

Update Existing Items

Check this box to overwrite your existing pricing for the apparel styles.

Upload the apparel styles

If you have more than 1000 rows, click Continue

Once upload is finished, click Done Importing

Step 2. Set your Pricing

Click Markups

Configure your Markup Table

Add the Min, Max, and the Markup %

Using your New Catalog

Create a new Quote or Order

  1. Click Add New Item

   2. Search for your Screen Printing, Embroidery, or DTG product

   3. Select the Catalog you created

   4. Search by Style number or Name

   5. Select the correct apparel style

   6. Select the color

   7. Add the quantities for the different sizes

   8. Add your 1st Location and any additional locations

   9. Click Save and Close

Common Question

Can I upload images with the catalogs that I create?
We don't currently support this, but we will add it in the future.

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