APIs, integration, automation are all buzzwords you’ll hear at any trade shows you visit this year. 

At the surface - it all sounds great - hey I get to work less - and have my computer do more work for me. 

But I’ve found that to us non-developers it can be confusing as hell to sort out. And I only learned about these things after I started working with shopVOX.

So let’s try to make it easy to understand.

Technical term = Application Programming Interface

English = Channel for applications to talk to each other

What is an API?

I know what you’re thinking but it’s definitely not a type of beer. APIs make it possible for different applications to communicate with each other very easily. While the technical term is Application Programming Interface - it really just means that APIs are a standard way for different apps to exchange data.

What are some typical use cases?

  • Sending invoices from shopVOX to Quickbooks
  • Sending contact information from your CRM to your accounting program
  • Adding contacts from your CRM to your email marketing platform
  • Creating orders from online shopping cart to your accounting program

Now that you know what an API is, learn the details of how APIs work.

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