If you're new to shopVOX, in the process of setting up your account AND you plan to sync your Invoices, Payments, and Purchase Orders to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, or Xero, follow along with one of our step-by-step guides to setup your Accounting integration.

QuickBooks Online: Connect
Quickbooks Desktop: Connect
Xero: Setup and Connect
If you've already setup your integration and just need to make a few changes, this guide is for you.

Adding a Payment Method

Open your Company Menu > POS Settings > Payment Methods.  

You may find a few sample payment methods have already been setup in your account.  

Click the New Payment Method button in the menu to add a new Payment Method.  

Note - you can also edit or delete an existing Payment Method by clicking the blue edit pencil or red stop icons.

Enter the Payment Method Name into the the name field.  

If you will be syncing your Invoices and Payments to QuickBooks, the Name must match exactly with QuickBooks.

Select the Payment method type from the drop down menu.  Click Save.

Repeat these steps for all payment methods needed. 

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