Sometimes you need to make changes to your existing numbering system in shopVOX so you don't have any duplicate numbers. Automatic Sequential numbering is only found in shopVOX Pro, more details on numbering in shopVOX Job Board can be found at the bottom of this article.

Common reasons to change or reset the shopVOX numbering system:

  • Need to match a current numbering system
  • Need to match a previous legacy system
  • Need a fresh start on your numbering

Below are a list of all of the numbers that can be changed

Quote Number: QT# 1000
Sales Order Number: SO# 1000**
Invoice Number: IN# 1000**
Purchase Order Number: PO# 1000
Material Requisition Number: MR# 1000
Project Number: PR # 1000

Here is what they look like in POS General Settings.

By default all numbers start at 1000 when your account is new. You can view what those numbers are currently by going to:
POS Settings>General

You cannot modify these numbers yourself, this restriction protects your data from being damaged. You will simply need to reach out to and we can change the numbers for you.
Each module (shown above) in shopVOX has it's own counting system, although they all start at the same number, it's very common, and inevitable to see the numbers become very different as time goes on. This happens because a quote may become an order weeks or months down the road. We will demonstrate what is happening in the example below.


Let's say you have a brand new account, so all your numbers are at 1000. A quote created with quote number 1000, might end up having an order number of 1072.

How is that so? Well, when the quote is converted that day, several days or weeks later, then (and only then) it is assigned the next available number The assigning happens at the moment of conversion of a sales order to a quote. so in the breif example above, 71 separate orders were created from the time the quote (QT# 1000) was created.

**The only exceptions to this counting rule are the sales order, work order and invoice numbers, they count together. So, Sales Order 1050 will ALWAYS be Work Order 1050 and have an invoice number of 1050, this is done on purpose, mainly to help you not confuse your customer. This exception still exists even when you void an invoice.

Why do Job and Work Order's not have numbers I can modify?

You'll notice the job/work order numbers are not on the list with numbers. This is because shopVOX ALWAYS uses the Sales Order number for the Work Order number.

What do you use for the Job Number?

Job numbers are currently referenced similar to a line item number on a Sales Order. The first Job (Line Item) created on a Sales Order will create a Work Order with the same number as the Sales Order. This Job will also have a line # reference of 1. The second Job that is created under the same Sales Order, the Work Order number will match the Sales Order, but the Line # will be 2, and so on. 

Using the example from above, let's say we have 3 jobs (line items) in the Sales Order that are ready for production. We send each job to production separately. Therefore, each Work Order that is created will have the same Sales Order number 1050. For the first line item, you'll see Order #1050 Line #1 on your Work Order and Job Board. For the second line item, you'll see Order #1050 Line #2 on your Work Order and Job Board. And for the third line item, you'll see Order #1050 Line #3 on your Work Order and Job Board. 

Setting up the numbering in this way gives shopVOX a lot more flexibility in how it associates, indexes, and finds these.

For shopVOX Job Board, the order number you typed in will be used.

Finding what you need through search:

Although the numbering system works as described above, shopVOX has a powerful global search on the top of every page that allows you to do incredibly fast searches to find the information you need using details like product titles, descriptions, customers, and so much more.

Sequential Numbering in shopVOX Job Board Subscription:

If you are subscribed to shopVOX Job Board, or using the Job Board trial (there is no difference between the two) you will not be able to use sequential numbering, however you can manually enter in the Order Number to help you associate the jobs you create in our system with the orders from your core business system (whether it be paper or digital) . You cannot create quotes or orders of any kind in Job Board, only Jobs. Global Search will not search for these numbers, but will only search for customers, vendors, and contacts.

You can associate the following in shopVOX Job Board by manually typing them in their respective fields:

Order Number
Purchase Order Number

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