Ahh, the fun stuff.  Accounting.  Now we know not everyone feels that way, but just like paying taxes, it's a necessary part of business.  

If you're new to shopVOX, in the process of setting up your account AND you plan to sync your Invoices, Payments, and Purchase Orders to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, or Xero, follow along with one of our step-by-step guides to setup your Accounting integration.

QuickBooks Online: Connect
Quickbooks Desktop: Connect
Xero: Setup and Connect

If you've already setup your integration and just need to make a few changes, this guide is for you.

Adding a New Chart of Account

Open the Chart of Accounts Page.  Open your Company Menu > POS Settings > Chart of Accounts.  

Click the New COA button in the COA menu to add a new Chart of Account.  

Note - you can also edit or delete an existing account by clicking the blue edit pencil or red stop icons.

Select the Account Type.  If you are using QuickBooks Online, this should be the same as the Category Type.  

Enter the Account number/Account Code, Account Name, and Account Description.

These must match exactly with the way they are setup in QuickBooks or Xero.  

Create the COA mapping

Once you've setup your QuickBooks or Xero Accounts within shopVOX, you will need to "map" them to the appropriate shopVOX Accounts.  This tells shopVOX which of the QuickBooks/Xero Accounts it needs to use for each type of transaction in shopVOX.    

To create the COA Mappings, follow these steps:

Step 1 - In shopVOX, open your Company Menu > POS Settings > COA Mapping
Step 2 - Click "New COA Mapping" on the top right of the Navigation Menu.

Step 3 - Select the transaction type in the Name drop down.  
Step 4 - Select which QuickBooks or Xero account should be used in the COA drop down.  
Step 5 - Click "Create COA Mapping."

*NOTE:  The Income and Cost of Goods Accounts that you map here are the default accounts and you can only map one of each.  You can choose any of the accounts you setup in the Chart of Accounts page when you setup your Products and Materials.

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