All of the behind the scene recent changes and feature updates that we have been unveiling have led to the culmination that we are Evolving into a Platform system that you will use to run your business!

We are excited to announce that starting on Monday, October 1st, 2018, all of the current and future shopVOX integrations will be included in the price of your shopVOX Pro subscription. We’ll no longer be charging you for these integrations because we don’t consider them add-ons. We consider them essential tools to run your shop and part of the core value we provide you.

Here are the current integrations that will now be included in your monthly Pro subscription.

NOTE: There are some setup details for these and you will need to request them to be added.  Just send an email to

  • Shipping Integration with UPS and FedEx.
  • Constant Contact and Email Marketing Integrations... adding MailChimp in the near future.
  • Credit Card Processing through, Quickbooks Online Payments. 
  •              Square, Stripe, and Paypal integration ...coming soon.  
  • shopVOX API integration using Zapier. **Zapier has paid plans for their service

Here’s the list of future features and integrations that will be included in your monthly Pro subscription that is currently on our Road map and in development.

  • SAGE Promotional integration
  • Shop Calendar feature with Auto Scheduling. Manage your shop with a calendar interface.
  • Job Costing. Track your actual vs estimated material and labor usage on each individual job.
  • Automated Events. Automatically send invoice statements to customers via email every month. Create automated email follow-ups on quotes and sales leadS. Plus much more.
  • Webhooks. Send updates to other applications when new information is added to your shopVOX
  • Outside vendor / contractor collaboration. Bring your partners into shopVOX to collaborate on jobs and projects within shopVOX without giving them access to your entire account.

Are there any add-ons that you will still be charged for?
Yes, there are certain features that will still be add-ons and charged in addition to the base subscription.

  • Inventory
  • eCommerce
  • wrapVOX 
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