Adding Materials to your account

Learn all about adding your pricing for vinyls, substrates, hardware and more

What are Materials?

Materials are the raw components you use to create the finished Products you sell.

They can be sold by the square foot, by the piece, by the linear foot, by the box, or more.

Each material has a couple of key components. 


The Formula is how you're going to determine the Quantity Sold of a given material.


The Cost is what you're paying to your supplier for your material.


The Price is what you're charging your customer for your material.

Pro Tip: Here is a handy article on Markups, Multipliers, and Margins to help you sort out your pricing for your Materials.

Creating Materials

NOTE: Some of the details in the interface have changed slightly since this video was recorded, but the basic functionality and layout is still the same.

Adding Roll Materials

Adding Sheet Materials

Adding Hardware

Adding Ink

Adding Materials to your Products

I want to add a choice of different materials

Mastering Materials

Adding images to your Materials

Sample File Used in Video

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