PROS and CONS of using Grid Pricing


  • It’s easy to set up in shopVOX and add to quotes/orders/invoices
  • Consistent pricing – you set a fixed price based on your variables
  • Flexible – you can add up to 3 variables (we call them axes)
  • Time saver! You can import/update pricing with a spreadsheet

CONS OF USING GRID PRICING:This pricing type doesn’t work well if you have custom sizes for your product. For example, if I know that my yard signs are sold in only two standard fixed sizes (12x18, and 18x24), then I can use a grid. But, if I offer custom yard sign sizes based on what my customer wants, then it won’t work very well – you’ll want to use a Formula Pricing Type instead where you can set the custom height and width of your product.

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