UPS Shipping Integration - Access Keys

UPS setup. Before you can integrate UPS into the Shipping Feature, you need to have the UPS Production access keys. Step One: Go to UPS developer kit page…

Aaron Aldrich
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FedEx Shipping Integration

FedEx Setup is divided into two parts. Test. Production. Below are the steps you need to follow to enable your FedEX account to be set for " Test " environment. Login to your FedEX account online and…

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Creating a shipment

Shipping integration is now included with shopVOX Pro. Before You Can Create A Shipment: To create a shipment you first need to go to your settings to set up your carrier(s) ( Fedex and/or UPS ) And…

Haylee Benton
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Shipping Profiles

Create Standard box sizes and weights that You use everyday! Adding a Shipping Profile can save a lot of time when creating a Shipment Label. If you ship out a lot of boxes and you find you are enter…

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