What is a CRM system?

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You've heard the term CRM- but what does it mean?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is an essential component of managing a business that deals with customers. 

Many small business owners mistakenly believe that a CRM system is only a tool that large companies need or can justify. In reality, a CRM can be one of the most important tools a small business can implement - even a one person operation. 

How many times have you written a note to follow up with a prospective customer on a Post-It Note, only to lose it an hour later, aggravating the customer, and potentially missing the sale?

Think of a CRM as a central repository for all of your customer data and interactions, from initial contact through closing the sale.

A good CRM keeps track of communication with the customer, keeps records of what they want or need, and reminds you to stay in contact with them and follow up on submitted proposals. This ensures the best possible experience from the client’s perspective, and a high potential of closing the sale for you. 

A CRM takes the place of all of those Post-It Notes, chicken-scratch napkins, and “while-you-were-out” note pads that you have lying around the office.

It centralizes all of that information into an easy to use system that’s always at your fingertips, and never accidentally gets thrown away on accident.

A key component of shopVOX, our Sales Leads feature is the front end of our CRM. 

You’ll enter all of your incoming sales leads information here, track it through your workflow stages that are customized to your selling process, set reminders to never let a prospect fall off your radar, and close more sales.

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