How Can I Upload an Image of a Product on a Job Line Item?

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In order to upload an image of a product on a job line item, you would first need to add an image to the Product in your Products catalog. Here are the steps on how to add an image to a product:

Image Details

The aspect ratio is square on this image. Otherwise - it simply crops the image to not affect the layout of this window.

As long as the aspect ratio is 1:1, it will display the entire image - no matter the actual pixel size.

We don't recommend you go much larger than something like 450px x 450px because if it's a super large image - it's going to add to the load time.

How to Upload

1. Click your business name all the way on the upper left. A drop down will appear.

2. Click POS Settings. Another drop down will appear.

3. Click $Pricing. Another drop down will appear.

4. Click Products. Then, the products page will appear.

5. Click the Product that you would like to add an image to. This will lead you to the product page.

6. Click the Upload Image button. The Upload Image box will appear.

7. Upload the image from it's source.

8. The image will now appear on job line items when you add this product.9. Make sure the Flag is checked for 'Print Image On Pdf'

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