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Setting up your Job Board account

For shopVOX Job Board users

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Setting up your Pro account

For shopVOX Pro users

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Training resources

Resources & Onboarding packages

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an introduction to Products and how to create pricing templates

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Accounting sync setup

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​Getting started Guide

Welcome to shopVOX!. We have put this guide together to assist you with the basics of getting your account setup. This article is a road map that will help explain what needs to be setup. Keep in min…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 8 months ago by Aaron Aldrich

Save Time with Emailed Document Templates

Do you find yourself typing the same information over and over when communicating with your clients? Maybe each employee sends their emails - leaving you without any consistency in the messages your…

Lila Carsten
Updated 1 year ago by Lila Carsten

Notifications: Keep your entire team up to date

When something happens in your account - who should receive an email or alert? shopVOX will keep you well-informed about what’s happening in the shop. Setting up your notifications are key to this. N…

Haylee Benton
Updated 9 months ago by Haylee Benton

shopVOX Compatibility

In order to use shopVOX, you need to be able to access the internet (world wide web) with your device. This is the magic of shopvox. As long as you have an internet connection, and a supported browse…

Arun Kanagala
Updated 1 year ago by Arun Kanagala

How the signVOX to shopVOX migration process works

We're super excited to have you come on over to the improved platform to manage your business. 😉 We want everything to go smoothly - so we laid out the process for you below. Before Migration Week. S…

Lila Carsten
Updated 11 months ago by Lila Carsten

Top 10 flows in shopVOX for a typical shop

Within shopVOX, the list below are the most common main steps for a typical shop. Some of the listed steps have incremental steps as well. This will give you a semblance of what to learn in shopVOX t…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 6 months ago by Aaron Aldrich