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Learn about the Shop Scheduler and the Scheduling Calendar

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Will changes made on an Invoice or Sales Order Line item be updated to the Work Order details?

YES ! It is possible to edit the Invoice Line Item details and it will be updated on the Work Order page for the Production team to view. Why would I need to do this? Sometimes a User will accidental…

Updated 7 months ago by Santosh

Is Inventory for Me?

ShopVOX has a powerful inventory feature that enables you to track inventory within your Pro account without needing to double enter data using other inventory programs or spreadsheets. Below are FAQ…

Lila Carsten
Updated 3 years ago by Lila Carsten

How Do I Require a Payment before a Job can be started?

Tired of not getting paid? You wonder how you can get your sales reps to take a payment before your order actually begins production? Well this tutorial will show you how! This setting is great if yo…

Lila Carsten
Updated 4 years ago by Lila Carsten

Using Create Combined Job to group line items for production

Sometimes you'll sell similar items that will go through production at the same time using the same materials. In this article, we'll cover how to use the Create Combined Job feature to make tracking…

Updated 7 months ago by Santosh

What are Projects?

A "Project" in shopVOX is a way to group quotes, orders, invoices, sales leads & jobs for a big project. You can create a task to manage something like a big condominium project or a project that is…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 4 years ago by Aaron Aldrich

Material Requisitions

When I am explaining material requisitions to customers and prospects, I usually explain it in this way... it's a shopping list. Instead of running to the store (or creating a PO) every time you need…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 2 years ago by Aaron Aldrich