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What happens when a Job is completed?

Jobs are considered completed when all the individual steps within the workflow are completed. Quick Tip: You can use the Complete Job icon (✔️) within the Job detail page to complete all the remaini…

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QuickBooks - Classes

Classes is only available with the Divisions Add-on. Currently, the ability to handle Classes is only available to shopVOX Pro Users that have the Divisions Add-on. shopVOX Pro Divisions currently on…

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Key terms explained

What is a Job?. Learn about jobs, workflow templates, products and more Jobs are production items. They’re created from line items on Sales Orders. Your active Jobs are listed on your Job Board. Exam…

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Divisions Add-On

What is the Divisions add-on? Imagine you've got two separate brands or divisions of your company. One for signage - Billy Bob's Signs; and one for apparel - Spee-dee Tee's. You produce everything in…

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Uploading vs Linking Assets

There are a couple places in shopVOX that let you upload or link digital asset files like artwork, pdfs, excel docs, etc. This article helps you understand the differences between linking and uploadi…

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Why doesn't Material have Volume Discount, only Range Discount?

Because Range Discounts are only applied on Products, they are unavailable on Materials. Volume Discounts are quantity based discounts and can be applied to the following: Products. Materials. Labor…

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What does Capacity in Minutes mean?

Capacity in Minutes means how long is this user or machine available for work in a given day. This is used for scheduling purposes. You can book time on steps for each individual job you produce. Qui…

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