Apparel Decoration Order Guide

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Download a Workflow Chart for Apparel

Step 1. Your Customer Calls

It’s an average day. Your shop phone rings. It’s Bob from the pizzeria down the street.

He wants a price on some screen printed t-shirts for his employees to wear while they are working.

Where do we start in shopVOX?

Do you have everything we need to price the shirts now or do you need to follow up?

  • Does the customer know what styles of shirt he wants?
  • Do they know how many and what sizes/colors he wants?
  • Do they know what the artwork will look like – how many colors and locations?

Yes – you have all the details? Time to create a New Quote - Step 3

No – you may need to follow up? Add a New Sales Lead.

Does your customer just want to place an order?If they don’t need a quote, you can skip straight to New Sales Order - Step 4.

Step 2. Adding a Sales Lead

Sales leads are opportunities that you want to follow up with.

Some good examples of sales leads

  • A new prospect submits the contact form on your website requesting info on screen-printed shirts. Pro tip: Learn about Integrating Web forms to shopVOX
  • You meet a potential customer at a trade show and you want to stay in touch
  • You see a customer outside of work and they mention some upcoming projects

Sales Leads are optional – so you don’t have to use them, but other shopVOX users love being able to track leads in the same system as quotes and orders.

Step 3. Creating the Quote

How do I edit a line item on the quote?Editing line items is easy. Just click the blue pencil button on the specific line item you’d like to edit. Click Save when you’re done.  This icon is just to the right of the Line Item name.

Are you quoting multiple quantities?Maybe they want a price on 24, 72, and 144 shirts to get better pricing. Or maybe a budget friendly shirt vs something nicer and softer?

Just copy the line item and change the quantities or apparel styles. Be sure to use the No Total PDF option. This leaves off the totals at the bottom of the quote.

How do I mark the quote as lost?You can change the status on quotes and other transactions very quickly.

Step 4. Convert to Sales Order

Step 5. Create Job

What is a job?  The term is used pretty loosely outside of shopVOX, but in the system it has very defined meaning.

Jobs are production items. They are created from line items on your sales order. Each job follows an outline of steps called the Workflow Template. The Workflow Templates are the repeatable steps used in your production process for that type of job.

When you create a Job from the Sales Order – you are pushing that item to your production team. The job will show up on the Job board. And you can start producing this screen printed shirt or embroidered cap.

Create Job vs Create Jobs vs Create Combined JobsWhich one of these buttons do you need to press?

Here is a short explanation –

Create Jobcreates one job (production item) for a single line item

Create Combined Jobscombines two or more line items into one job

Create Jobscreates individual jobs for all line items

How do I do scheduling for a job?

Step 6. Purchasing your Blank Apparel

Purchasing is a crucial part of any apparel decoration business.

If you’re reading this – I’d be willing to guess that it’s a painful process that eats up a lot of time.

We’ve tried to simplify purchasing and make it much easier for you in shopVOX.

There are two way to create POs for your blank garments.

Material Req vs Purchase Order

#1 Sales Order > Create PO

#2 Sales Order > Create Mat Req > Mat Reqs > Create PO

Material Requisition = Your Need to Order List of Blanks for your orders

Introduction to Purchasing
Creating separate Purchase Orders for garments on each individual Sales Order
Combining garments for all Sales Order on to one single Purchase Order

When should I create the Material Req?

There is no right or wrong answer to this.

Some shopVOX users wait until customers have approved the proof before ordering apparel.

Some as soon as their customer places an order.

Step 7. Design and Proof Approval

You’ll be a proofing super hero with shopVOX.

Having your customer approve artwork is absolutely crucial – but it can be a painful process.Watch the video below for a how-to on how you can better manage your proof approval with shopVOX.

Like the proof template we used in the video?You can download it for free at

Step 8. Invoicing

How do I send statements to customers on terms like Net 30, Net 60?

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How do add additional apparel styles or colors to a quote or sales order?

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