MSRP Catalog pricing - setting a Fixed price for Apparel items

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A few customers have asked that we have a way to price Apparel items using a fixed price, instead of using the Cost+ pricing. The MSRP pricing option will allow you to do this. It currently works with a Custom catalog that you upload. Review this video below and you can also look at the steps on how to do this, using this article.

Setting up MSRP pricing catalog

To save yourself some time, you can download our sample custom catalog file below... or read this article about creating a custom catalog.

Sample File

Download the Sample File

This sample contains the formatting required for import. It contains details for Gildan 2000,5000, and 8000 style shirts to get you started and showing how to setup your apparel items.

Make sure your files are in XLS format. Not CSV or XLSX.

STEP 1: Enter your prices in the MSRP column

STEP 2: Create a New custom catalog

Go to Catalog page from the Blue bar and click New catalog. Give the catalog a Name and click Create.

STEP 3: Upload your Custom catalog file

Click the Import button >> Select XLS file button >> and find the file you just finished creating.

STEP 4: Map the columns to the appropriate data

... make sure to map the MSRP column as well.

STEP 4: Update your Catalog settings

Click the Blue button Catalog and then choose Price by = MSRP. This will now fetch the pricing data from the MSRP column in this file.

STEP 5: Good to go!

You can now use this Custom catalog to select apparel and the pricing is set to a fixed price every time! You will be able to add the decoration charges for screen printing, heat transfer or what ever the Product is designed to do.

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