Flagging a user as a "Sales Rep"

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In shopVOX, as you add users, you'll notice flags (checkboxes) on the set up form when you either add new or edit an existing user. Particularly you'll see a flag for "Sales Rep". It'll looks like this:

Now you might be asking yourself, "How in the heck is that different from the Role I just gave this person?" It's a good question and I'm here to say, "There's a BIG difference." Roles, such as, 'sales' and 'designer' that you give a user relate to notifications and permissions. This flag is different from that, as it identifies users as 'sales reps' for commission reports and other reporting features.

It's pretty easy to set up by following these instructions.

Got to:
  1. Company menu > Account Settings > Users
  2. Add New or Edit an existing.
  3. Click the check box labeled 'Sales Rep'
  4. Complete setup and save.

Keep in mind having this flag checked on the user is the only way to have that user show up in menus that reference Sales Reps. If they are not flagged as a 'Sales Rep' you won't find them in that menu.

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