Top 10 flows in shopVOX for a typical shop

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Within shopVOX, the list below are the most common main steps for a typical shop. Some of the listed steps have incremental steps as well. This will give you a semblance of what to learn in shopVOX to be proficient in using to software.

NOTE: This article is written to help signVOX user to better familiarize themselves with the program.

  1. Create a customer
    1. Create Contacts
    2. Create Customer Addresses
  2. Create a Quote (QT)
    1. Add / Modify/delete Line Items
    2. Email Quote
    3. Print Quote PDF
    4. Ability to do all aspects of Jobs (see #5 below)
  3. Convert a Quote (QT) to a Sales Order (SO)
    1. Or create an SO directly
    2. Add/Modify/delete line items on SO
    3. Ability to do all aspects of Jobs (see #5 below)
    4. Record Payment on SO
    5. Print SO.pdf
    6. Email SO.pdf
    7. Print Workorder (WO).pdf
    8. Print payment.pdf
    9. Create POs from SO
    10. Create MReq from SO
  4. Convert QT/SO to Invoice (IN)
    1. Or create an IN directly
    2. Add/Modify/delete line items on IN
    3. Record Payment on IN
    4. Print IN.pdf
    5. Email IN.pdf
    6. Print payment.pdf
  5. Create Job/Jobs from SO
    1. Manage Jobs
    2. Online Proofing
    3. Print Job.pdf
    4. Print WO.PDF
  6. Create MReqs
  7. Create POs
  8. Run Reports
  9. Job Management
    1. Job Board views
  10. Post to Accounting software.
    1. Quick Books Desktop or
    2. Quick Books Online
    3. Xero Accounting.

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