What happens when a Job is completed?

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Jobs are considered completed when all the individual steps within the workflow are completed.

Quick Tip: You can use the Complete Job icon (✔️) within the Job detail page to complete all the remaining steps in one click.

But if you mark all all the individual steps completed, you do not have to click this Complete Job icon (✔️).

Once the Job is complete:

  • When you look at the Order, the completed job will read: "Job Status: Completed".
  • When you look at the completed Job, the Complete icon (check mark icon) will no longer be visible.
  • The completed job will no longer be on the job board.
  • The completed job will now be visible in the Completed Jobs report.
  • There would still be 2 other jobs that would need to be completed before the Sales Order is to be fulfilled (Completed).

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