Steps to setup custom URL for paid cPortal

Lila Carsten Updated by Lila Carsten

Here is an step-by-step guide to help you setup a custom URL for your customers to access through you paid cPortal add-on.

Steps to setup Custom URL

  1. First pick a subdomain name, something like or or any subdomain you want for this.
  2. Then add this subdomain to your domain name in DNS settings as a cName and point this subdomain to this IP address, (if this changes then ask for the latest IP address).  And in your domain settings it might look something like this (this changes depending upon the ISP you are using)
  1. Then add this to you shopVOX Account settings > Settings in cPortal section in the field, "Custom Host Name"
  1. Once you are done, send an email with the full URL that is set under the Custom Host Name to to add this to our servers.

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