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How Purchase orders work in shopVOX

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You can manually select the Purchase Order status from the STATUS dropdown.​

This doesn't allow you to track whether specific line items were received however.

Inventory Add-On

With the Inventory add-on, you are able to create Material Receipts.

Material Receipts will allow you to track receipt of the individual line items on a Purchase Order and how many were partially (or fully received)

Once Inventory is enabled, you can create Material Receipts from the Action button on the Purchase Order.


Steps on how to create a Purchase order

How to Create a Purchase Order from a Supplier in your shopVOX Account

  1. Click on Customer & Vendors link in the Blue bar
  2. Choose the Vendor to open the supplier's page.
  3. On the right hand side, click the green Action box. A drop down will appear.
  4. Click “Purchase Order”. That will lead you to the Purchase Order page.
  5. First field is for the Title of the purchase order.
  6. Next, fill out any information you may have about this purchase order.
  7. Input the purchase order date or use the calendar icon to choose the date.
  8. Input the Expected delivery date or use the calendar icon to choose the date.
  9. Click the Payment Method field for a drop down to appear, so you can choose the Payment Method.
  10. Use the drop down to select the Terms.
  11. Choose the supplier's name from the drop down.
  12. Input the supplier's invoice number.
  13. Use the drop down to select the Status of the Purchase Order.
  14. Use the drop down to select the Shipping Address. You can add a new shipping address by clicking the blue plus button. This will open an address form.
  15. Use the drop down to select a Shipping Method.
  16. Input the shipping date or use the calendar icon to choose the date.
  17. Input the the person that the package should give attention to.
  18. Click the Save button. You will be led to the second page of the Purchase Order where you can add the items you want to the purchase order.
  19. Click the “+Add New Item” button. The New Item form appears.
  20. Using the drop down, select the Type of item this is.
  21. Using the drop down, select the category that this item falls under.
  22. Begin typing the name of the product in the Product name field. If this product is not in your shopVOX account, it will not allow you to input the product name in the “Product Name” field until you add it to your account.
  23. If you have added an item that is in your shopVOX account, the Name and Description will automatically appear in the next two fields. However, if the item is not in your shopVOX account already, then you will have to fill out the Name and Description.
  24. Input the quantity that you need.
  25. Using the drop down, select the Units that you are going to order this by.
  26. Input the price that you are paying.
  27. The Total Price will be automatically figured for you.
  28. Using the drop down, select the Payment Method.
  29. Input the Part Number in the next field.
  30. If this item is taxable, check the box next to “Taxable”.
  31. If this item is going to be applied to a Sales Order, then using the drop down, select the Sales Order that will be applied to.
  32. Using the drop down, select the Sales Order line item that will be applied to.
  33. Click Save when done.
  34. Now the Purchase Order has been created.

Adding apparel items to a Purchase order

If you are an apparel decorating company, you can create a PO and add apparel items to using the follow steps. Referring to the above steps, we will start on step 20.

The video below explains how to did this as well.

  1. Instead of choosing from the drop down field as a Product or material, click the Apparel button at the top.
  2. Select the Catalog you will be using
  3. Start typing the product style and it will filter the list available. This can be done by name or style number
  4. Select from the available color list
  5. Choose the Size and Qty
  6. Optional: You can select a customer these items are being order for.
  7. Optional: You can also select a Sales Order number and Line item as well.
  8. Click Save and then you can repeat the process to add additional items to the PO.

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