API/WebHooks integration feature

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Webhooks is an automated way to send data or receive data from other systems.

Webhooks allow your applications to transfer data instantly and seamlessly to one another. And while webhooks are similar to APIs, they both play different roles, each with its own unique use case. The difference between a webhook and an API integration is how they operate.

To use a real world analogy, APIs would be like calling your vendor to confirm they are stocked up on particular vinyl or apparel item. Webhooks, would then be like you asking the vendor to call you whenever they have the material in stock, which frees up time on both sides.

shopVOX WebHooks/API feature

Our platform has two types of API/WebHooks that can be used to connect information to and from shopVOX and other systems.

  1. Data incoming from other systems into shopVOX - All these will be free of cost.
  2. Data going out of shopVOX to other systems of your choice - All these will be a monthly cost of $250/Month per shop and a maximum of 300 calls / 5minutes.  Also depending upon the traffic these will be throttled to make sure the shopVOX system is not overloaded with these requests.

Here is how quick info gram of each type:

To go directly to our Apiary page, click here - View the shopVOX API link

As with any paid feature, please contact our billing department: billing@shopvox.com to have this feature activated.

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