How to refund credit card transactions processed via shopVOX &

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As of now this is a three step process to fix it in shopVOX, and Quick Books.

Record Refund in shopVOX

Follow these steps to refund in shopVOX

First make sure the payment is adjusted to make sure there is enough balance to refund.  To do this , go to the payment click on the edit icon (Pencil) and then on the invoice below to which this payment was applied, adjust it so that there is enough balance left for a refund.

  1. If you have an invoice for $1000, and you had a payment for $1000 and you applied it all to this invoice, then the balance left to refund is $0.
  2. So when you edit the payment, if you want to refund the $200 then on the invoice Paid Amount field, make it 800 and hit save.
  3. Now if you see your payment details, it is payment for $1000, you applied $800 to this invoice and there is a Balance of $200 left on this invoice.

Process actual Refund in

Follow these steps to refund in

Step 1. Login to with your login credentials.

Step 2. Click on the menu item Reports.

Step 3. In the Report Criteria section find the transaction when this CC was charged by picking the right date ranges.

Step 4. Once you find the transaction, click on the Transaction Id to open the details.

Step 5. Once you click on the Transaction ID then the details window will popup and there click on the button Refund, shown below

Step 6. Another window will popup where you can enter the Refund Amount and Description and other details and then click OK.

Update payment and Invoice in Quick Books

If you have exported the corresponding Invoice and Payment to Quickbooks then , you need to go and update the Invoice and also record a refund within Quickbooks.

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