How to create progress invoices ?

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Create and manage deposit invoices, progress invoices, and more for your larger projects.

What is required before you can send progress invoices?

You'll need our Partial Invoicing feature activated for your account. This is something our team has to enable for you. Once activated, your Invoice Numbers will NO longer match your Sales Order Numbers.

To activate it, contact our chat support team or email

NOTE: Currently, you can still take a deposit on a sales order and print out or email an Invoice PDF and still continue to remain as a Sales Order transaction. If you need to have individual invoices as phases of a Job are completed, then the partial invoicing is the solution.

How it works

Some of the businesses you deal with may require incremental invoices as aspects of a project are completed. With the partial invoicing feature, this will allow you to create multiple invoices for a Sales order.

There are two ways to do this and I will be presenting both with screenshots.

  1. Selecting individual line items or a quantity of a line item
  2. Entering a percentage to be invoiced

The first step is to click the Actions button and Convert to invoice. On the next screen, you can scroll down to the line items and you can select which items are completed.

Selecting Completed items

In this scenario, I have chosen line items 2 & 3. You can also select the quantity that is completed for that line item if it is only partial delivered.

NOTE: For Apparel items, a partial quantity on a Line item is not permitted. The reason is that there are several factors of discounts and markups in apparel pricing templates that would result in inaccurate pricing.

The Sales Order will now show the related Invoice and the percentage that has been invoiced.

The Invoice transaction details can also be viewed in the $ Related tab on the right side bar.

Invoicing a percentage of the Order

The second option is entering a percentage of the sales order. If your company does progress invoicing by a percentage, you can use the percent field and it will update the quantity of the line items selected by that percentage.

NOTE: If there is just a single quantity, it will be a fraction of 1.

As your project progresses and phases, sections or items are completed and fully invoiced, they will be grayed out and not selectable for invoicing. For items that still need invoicing, you will need to change the quantity of the remainder that needs to be invoiced.

When the Sales order is completely invoiced, the status will change to Yes 100%. You will also see all the related invoices for the order.

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