Why create jobs and use the job board?

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We talk about why this feature is so powerful and the number of benefits it will have to your business!

Our job board feature is a huge help to the majority of our customers who have their own custom shops. It's also particularly helpful to keep track of where things are- even if you aren't making it in house, or you just want to track a particular office process.

So why use the Job board?
  • Time tracking 
  • Jobs at a glance
  • Filtering dates, roles and workflows for a targeted view
  • Keep an eye on Due dates
  • Dig into job details
  • See status of steps
  • Track all types of jobs
  • See the job board from different views
  • Monitor job progress
  • Work as a team- see your job board on a large screen

These are just some of the benefits that will make a difference to your business by using the Job board.

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