How to create a Discount Code in the eCommerce feature

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If you would like to add a coupon for your customers to use in your webstore or shopping cart, this article will explain how these are set up and used in the system. This can be used as an incentive for a marketing campaign you may be launching. Or to give your customers a discount on their webstore as a thank you for their business. For more questions on our eCommerce feature, please refer to this article. eCommerce - setting up a shopping cart

Setting up a Discount Code

Discount codes are a part of the Pricing engine in shopVOX.

NOTE: This is different than Discounts.

A discount code is the ability to add a discount campaign on your shopping cart, webstore or a customer portal. The eCommerce feature needs to be added to see this option in this menu.

STEP 1: Let's get started!

To access this section, go to the POS settings > $ Pricing > Discount Codes.

STEP 2: Create a new discount code

A window will open, that needs to be filled out.

STEP 3: Fill out the form

  1. Enter the discount a name
  2. Choose the type of discount: Fixed or Percentage
  3. Enter the value - amount to discount
  4. Enter minimum price for that Product
  5. Enter # of times this coupon can be used. NOTE: This value needs to be greater than 0.
  6. Choose the campaign duration

STEP 4: Share the generated code

Once the form is completed, a unique code will be randomly generated that is specific to your account. This code can now be shared with your customer to use on their purchases from your online store.

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