Taking Payments in ShopVOX - what your customers will see

This article gives you a visual tour of what taking payments looks like step by step from beginning to end in chronological order for both the the shopVOX user and the end customer. It is recommended…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 5 months ago by Aaron Aldrich

Setup a private storefront for your clients to place orders with a cPortal

Enable clients to place their own orders, check job status, download transaction history, and more with cPortal! Introduction.. How does the cPortal work?. How to enable the cPortal for your clients.…

Lila Carsten
Updated 3 months ago by Lila Carsten

How do I enable the free cPortal for a customer?

Free cPortal is available to all of our customers by default. However you have to go into each individual customer of yours and enable this for them to access their data. Once you enable the customer…

Haylee Benton
Updated 2 years ago by Haylee Benton

What is the difference between the Paid and Free versions of cPortal?

cPortal - short for "Customer Portal". This is a login you can give to some of your repeat customers to be able to see their orders placed with your company. It is like a self service portal for them…

Haylee Benton
Updated 9 months ago by Haylee Benton

Online Ordering Account settings for cPortals & Shopping Cart

This article reviews how to setup & how you manage delivering orders to customers. If you have an Online store or a Customer Portal and you want to edit how your customers receive their goods, this c…

Michael Riley
Updated 2 years ago by Michael Riley

How does CC processing work in shopVOX?

You have the ability to process credit cards within shopVOX, when your customers pay for their Orders and Invoices. Once you have it setup, you will be able to include a payment link in your email co…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 2 years ago by Aaron Aldrich

Webstore & Shopping Cart Examples from shopVOX Users

For those interested in implementing a Webstore, Shopping Cart or are some REAL examples of how they can look and operate. These are Live pages on existing websites from other shopVOX…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 6 days ago by Aaron Aldrich

Webstores for your customers - What are they? and... How to setup!

Welcome to the world of online selling to a specific organization! Learn how to use shopVOX Web stores to create an online team or fundraising store within your website. Web store Introduction. But f…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 9 months ago by Aaron Aldrich

How to setup Products for a given customer to be able to order from cPortal?

For your end customer to be able to order products you need to first of all have the paid cPortal enabled. Please contact for pricing details. Please read this article first on how…

Haylee Benton
Updated 2 years ago by Haylee Benton

White Label setup instructions

Instructions on what needs to be done on Your website for the White Label cPortal to function properly. For those of you that have Online Ordering and have setup Customer Portals (cPortals) on your w…

Michael Riley
Updated 1 year ago by Michael Riley

Steps to setup custom URL for paid cPortal

Here is an step-by-step guide to help you setup a custom URL for your customers to access through you paid cPortal add-on. Steps to setup Custom URL. First pick a subdomain name, something like porta…

Lila Carsten
Updated 2 years ago by Lila Carsten

Setting up a Shopping Cart to sell online

Shopping Cart is a popular feature that comes with our e-commerce add-on. Think of the shopping cart as your "one" online store where anyone can purchase from your standard offerings. One of the main…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 1 month ago by Aaron Aldrich

What will my customers see on their cPortal?

Here is a document you can send to your customers on how to use the cPortal from shopVOX. Login. To login go to (this might vary so re-confirm this is the right URL to login to). T…

Haylee Benton
Updated 2 years ago by Haylee Benton

Webstore vs Shopping Cart

Think of the shopping cart as your "one" online store where anyone can purchase from your standard offerings. The webstores allow you to setup specific stores for a customer like the local high schoo…

Aaron Aldrich
Updated 1 year ago by Aaron Aldrich