How does CC processing work in shopVOX?

Now you can process credit cards within shopVOX, when your customers pay for their Orders and Invoices.  Once you have it setup, you will be able to include a payment link in your email communication to the customer. They can click on this and pay by credit card. The payment will be captured and noted in shopVOX for that transaction and the money will be deposited into the bank account you have setup with this service.

Here are the main features.

  • We can currently process credit cards using as the payment gateway. Additionally we support Quickbooks Online CC Payments with shopVOX.  NOTE: Intuit has developed an API that is associated with Quickbooks Online version, this is not supported in the Quickbooks Desktop version.
  • You will use either your current merchant or we can recommend one and we will create an gateway for you. You can also use your existing Quickbooks Online Payments account.
  • You can process your customer CC directly in shopVOX or send an email to your customer with a payment link for them to pay for Orders and Invoices... online!
  • ShopVOX cPortal customer payments are not included with this feature. You will need the shopVOX e-commerce package for that. 

 What is the process to enable shopVOX with CC processing?

  1. Once you want to enable it , send an email to and we will send you the necessary forms.
  2. We will create an account and you will get an email to fill out your details.
  3. NOTE: We cannot use an already existing account.  We have to create it under our partner ID with
  4. Once you fill out your part on this new account, send us an email notifying that you have completed your part.
  5. Then we will setup shopVOX with the Payment Gateway details and do a dummy transaction to confirm that the CC is being processed.

From that point on you can process the CC directly in shopVOX and also send payment links via email to your customers to collect money faster.

What are the fees associated with enabling this feature?

Please email for pricing.  Quickbooks Online Payments will also have it's own fees, if you use that service instead of

ShopVOX does not charge for payment processing..

These fees are ONLY for US & Canada. All other countries please email for pricing details

Let's get started! 

 So you need to do two things.

  1. Click this link to download the form, fill out all three pages and send it back to  This is for your gateway.  This is mandatory to process credit cards via shopVOX.  Even if you already have an account, we still need to create a new one with shopVOX as a reseller.  This is mandatory.  Download the file to sign up here.
  2. Second piece of the puzzle is, the Merchant Account; who actually processes the credit card transactions.  You have two choices.  You can keep your current Merchant Account, but make sure they are on - You can ask them to confirm if they provide this service....  99% of the merchants support  There are still one or two that don't.  (example: Intuit does not)
  3. OPTIONALLY, you can use our preferred Merchant Account. We provide that service as well.  There is no harm in seeing if our preferred Merchant processor may give you better rates than what you have now.  So even if you only want to check and compare the rates between your current processor and ours, ask that in your email to, saying, "I would like to get a comparison of processing rates with my preferred vendor."

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