Sales Lead or straight to Quote?

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Find out which one to pick for what situation!

The good thing about ShopVOX is that we have designed our software to be as flexible as possible to suit your businesses unique process. 

When to use a Sales Lead?

Usually you would use this when you haven't got enough info to quote just yet or you have met a potential lead somewhere i.e an exhibition.

What you can do is quickly put the info in and give the lead a rough value of "X". You can then create a quote from the Sales lead once you have some more information to go on. 

Sales Leads are used BEFORE you get an opportunity to quote. The whole point is to convert that "hot lead" into a potential customer a quote a job for them.

You an add notes and assets (files) to the sales lead if it is about a particular job. When you create a quote from the Sales Lead - it will pull all the information into the quote for you.

When to create a Quote?

Start creating a quote when a customer has requested a quote and you have the information /specification to cost a job up. 

Alternatively you can keep the quote in draft stage and add everything needed for quoting like files (assets) and notes. It will stay in a "draft" state until you are ready to add costs to the quote. 

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