Quote Approval Email Feature: Adding Attachments

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Any Asset in any Format can be attached to a quote

Occasionally, it is necessary to add a design concept or document to a Quote that is being emailed to a customer... to close the sale.  This has been a possible function when directly emailing a Quote PDF to a customer.

It is NOW possible to attach files to a Quote Approval Email as well.

With the added benefit of being able to track when a customer accesses the Quote document….. having the additional option to attach supporting documents will make this a very valuable tool for your sales staff. 

This will elevate your Sales team above your competition and additionally help them with following up and possibly Close sales quicker!! 

For details on how the Quote Approval Email feature works, refer to the Quote Review article. 


  1. Attach Assets to the Quote (see image 1)
    1. Click Assets on Right Side bar
    2. Upload Asset – ie. document, excel list or design file (.JPG format preferred for designs)
    3. New image thumbnail now visible


  1. NEXT
    1. Select Actions >> Send Approval e-mail (see image 2)
    2. Fill out form and simply check the box next to the Asset(s) you would like to attach (see image 3)

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