What is a Sales Pipeline?

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You've heard of Sales pipelines - Find out more about our Sales Lead pipeline feature

What is a Pipeline?

Your Sales Pipeline is a way to track your sales prospects and where they're at within your process.

A pipeline is made of Stages that you customize to fit your process.

On ShopVOX Sales leads we have a visual pipeline so you can see exactly what stage the lead is at. 

This is what a pipeline looks like an individual Sales Lead

This is a visual overview of ALL your Sales Leads and what stage they are in.(see this by click on "Sales Leads" on the blue bar"

How do I customize the pipeline to our process?

1. Click your organisation name on the top left2. Account Settings3. Pipelines4. Click the name of a pipeline to edit or hit "New Connection" for a new pipeline

Amend the stages by typing over, moving up or down etc. Click back to your Sales Leads and it will now show the new Pipeline option when you create a new Sales lead.

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