How to adjust the bill of materials (BOM) for situational purposes

There are many times that you may need to apply the "human element" to how you are estimating. For instance, you might want to adjust the actual amount of vinyl used to be competitive on your pricing. This is easy to do as long as you know where to click.

Here is a scenario that explains how it works

  1. First add the item to your quote. Here I have an ACM panel with some vinyl

  2. Then click the blue pencil to access the BOM for this item. ( Hint: you could have also hit 'save' instead of 'save and close' to access the BOM immediately after entering your pricing attributes.)

  3. Then override the aspect of the BOM you need to adjust. In this case the amount of vinyl and laminate actually needed. Notice the original amount is 64 square feet and the vinyl was adjusted to 12 square feet. ( Hint: Don't forget to hit 'enter' after you adjust the amount to confirm the change)

  4. Hit 'save' and that's it. You now have adjusted the BOM to account for the actual situation.

Great job!

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