Protect Your Bottom Line with Terms and Conditions

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Ever wish you could add awesome fine print to your quotes and orders - just like your cell phone company, credit card, and bank?

It’s probably right up there on your bucket list (kidding here). We hate confusing legalese as much as the next guy.

But at the end of the day - we realize you still have to protect yourself and set some rules and policies for working with customers.

To set the rules and protect your shop - setup your Terms and Conditions within shopVOX.

Where do the Terms and Conditions print?

You can set Terms and Conditions for the following documents.

  • Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders

They print on the lower left section of those documents. The print is pretty small - so anything you really want to alert your customer about - shouldn’t go here.

How do I add the Terms and Conditions?

These are found under Company Menu >> Account Settings >> Settings.

Scroll down to the middle of the page and you can either type in your terms and conditions for each PDF form, or you can copy paste from your existing terms and conditions, or use one of our samples below as inspiration to get you started.

Need some help? Try these samples.

Don’t have your own terms and conditions to copy and paste. Try adapting these below to fit your needs.

We don’t recommend adding a whole book to your Terms and Conditions. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Resist the urge to add every little detail here.
  2. Keep it short - so that the customer actually reads it.
  3. Make it easy for your client to read and understand.
  4. Write like you talk - don’t be a robot.

If you absolutely need to include a long list of terms - you might consider creating a separate contract for customers to sign.

Otherwise your quotes will end up looking like a bad cell phone contract. For more info, see the FAQs below.

Quote Sample

Friendly Style

Great for print and apparel shops with average order size under $1000


This handcrafted quote is based on specific information you’ve given us and is valid for 30 days.

When you approve this quote, you are agreeing to pay 100% of the quoted price. We require a 50% deposit to begin work on your project. Once we receive your deposit, we’ll schedule your project and email you an estimated completion date. The remaining balance is due upon completion of your order.

Need to make changes?

No problem - but please realize, changes to quantity or specifications will affect your price. We will provide you with an updated quote based on the changes.


This is a good faith minimum estimate. Any additional charges incurred including but not limited to file setup, design, surveys, scans, photography, clip art, font purchase, media stripping, equipment rental, travel and or lodging costs (if applicable), surveys, changes, deletions, additions, delays or return trips, provided or initiated by client that cannot be estimated accurately in advance will be billed on final invoice.

Quotes are valid for 30 days. Unless noted, power to electrical signs, final hookup & applicable permits & associated costs are the responsibility of client. Unless noted, all art file rights & ownership is retained by XXXX. All Vehicles must be washed and free of wax or protective coating prior to media install. Any vehicle needing wash or de-waxing by XXXX will be charged $150 minimum fee. Media installed on vehicles, walls or other substrates in rare cases may damage subpar paint or finishes during installation or removal, XXXX will not be held liable for damages.

Any job deposit received on an order is NON-REFUNDABLE. Any job cancelled without a Min. of 3-day notice may be subject to a $150 fee. The client agrees to pay all costs of collection in the event of default of payment, including all collection and attorney fee's. In the event of a delinquent account (account is deemed delinquent 30 days past due date) the client will be charged a rate of 0.10% interest per day.

Unless otherwise stated all materials and workmanship are warranted for 1 year. Any past due or delinquent accounts will void any & all warranties.



  • Shop Drawings: 3-5 Days
  • Prototyping: 3-5 Days
  • Production: 2-3 Weeks



  1. Quote good for 30 days.
  2. A deposit of 50% of the overall project is required before the project begins. The remaining balance is due at pickup or before delivery.
  3. For our complete quote terms and conditions, please visit our website here.

Here is a link to our CC Authorization form, please print and send it to us.

Contract Style

Great for larger shops who do larger orders ($5000+) like electrical signage


Upon signing this agreement, Customer agrees to pay 100% of the above quoted price. Final payment of the balance, if any, will be due immediately upon delivery/installation. This contract specifies the entire agreement of the parties.

Any changes or alterations or additions to the above proposed specifications shall be made in writing pursuant to the execution of an Addendum to this contract, signed by both parties. Customer understands that it is the responsibility of the Customer to obtain prior approval from Customer's landlord for any work attached to or affecting any interest in the landlord's real or personal property. Customer hereby holds Company Name and its successors and assigns harmless from any penalty, liability or damages monetary or otherwise that is imposed upon Customer by Landlord if by entering into this contract Customer has violated its lease with Landlord. If Company Name is required to remove said work from the premises of the Customer at the Landlord's request, Customer shall be responsible for payment for cost of same. If Customer makes any changes to the above specifications at the Landlord's direction or otherwise after the work begins, Customer will be charged accordingly for any additional materials and labor. Customer hereby acknowledges and understands that once work has begun this contract may not be cancelled and payment in full will be due to Company Name immediately. Customer hereby acknowledges, releases and holds harmless Company Name and it successors and assigns from any errors in proofreading. Customer is solely responsible for reading and correcting any errors whatsoever in any proofs provided in connection with this project, prior to Company Name beginning work on the project. If any errors are discovered after the work begins, Customer will be charged for any resulting additional materials and labor. In the event that the work is completed by Company Name but Customer refuses to take delivery/installation, Customer agrees to pay the balance in full to Company Name immediately. In the event that the work is completed by Company Name, but delivery/installation cannot be completed within fifteen (15) days of completion due to no fault of Company Name, Customer agrees to pay the balance in full to Company Name within five (5) days from the date ABC Company Inc. is notified delivery/installation cannot be completed as scheduled. If Customer has still not taken delivery/installation after thirty (30) days of completion, Company Name reserves the right to dispose of the product at its sole discretion.

Any accounts not paid in full within the timeframe specified above shall incur interest at the rate 10% per annum on the unpaid balance. Company Name reserves the right to enter the Customer's premises and remove its work should Customer fail to pay. Any additional costs incurred by Company Name for removal shall be imposed upon the Customer. Customer shall be responsible for any and all legal fees and costs incurred by Company Name and its successors and assignees to recover any unpaid balances due under this contract.

After commencement of your order (the point at which materials are ordered, assembled and work has begun), your order is non-refundable and/or cancelable. The customer is solely responsible for proofreading. Therefore, you must review and sign a proof prior to our commencement of your order. By signing your proof, you approve of its content and release the Vendor to commence our work.

By signing below, Customer hereby agrees and accepts the above prices, specifications and conditions to the proposed project and authorizes Company Name to begin work as outlined.

Sales Order Sample

All prices are fixed for 30 days from quotation date. Should there be any changes in the cost, we will advise the customer of any price changes prior to the start of contract.

A 50% deposit is required with the Sales Order confirmation. Deposits are due prior to commencement of production. Final payment is due when invoices are received unless credit terms have been extended to include NET 30. If payments for past orders are not received within 60 days, we reserve the right to cancel future orders.

We cannot accept responsibility for damages or loss of any kind resulting from the sale, installation, or delivery of our products. Company Name does not accept returns. All products are manufactured to customer’s specifications and cannot be returned for a refund. All sales are final and no return will be accepted.

Design proofs and order specifications will require client approval before production can commence. Once the production begins the changes to the order is not permitted without incurring additional cost. Due date on the order is based on proof approval within 24 hours in which it is received. We will do everything possible to adhere to times and dates established, but cannot accept any liability for loss caused by failure to deliver and complete on time, whatever the cause for delay.

Invoice Sample

Final payment is due when invoices are received unless credit terms have been extended to include NET 30. If payments for past orders are not received within 60 days, we reserve the right to cancel future orders. Past Due Invoices are subject to a Late Payment Fee of $XX.XX for each month past due, and (or) a X% Finance Charge of the outstanding balance due each month. All materials remain the property of Company Name until paid for in full.

Company Name does not accept returns. All products are manufactured to customer’s specifications and cannot be returned for a refund. All sales are final and no return will be accepted.

Purchase Order Sample

Please apply any and all outstanding credits to this order and please include corresponding PO number(s) on billing.

Email us an electronic copy of the proof/invoice/completion photos/shipping and tracking info before payment can be processed.

And yes, we love free samples!

Now that you know all about Terms and Conditions, here are some common questions that might help you as you are setting up your own:


I have a standard contract that I need to get signed prior to starting a project. What’s the best way for me to do that within shopVOX?

You’ve got two options here.

  1. Short and sweet? Go ahead and add it to your terms and conditions.
  2. Super long? Try adding it as an Account Asset. These are default pdfs or files you can upload to your account once and send out with any quote, sales order, or invoice. Click here to learn more about Account Level Assets.

Can I change the Terms and Conditions printed on a quote depending on the product I’m selling?

Currently, we can’t make this happen inside shopVOX. So, it’s best to keep your terms and conditions fairly generic and applicable to all your projects. You can use our Customer Note functionality to include custom notes on each Quote, Sales Order or Invoice.

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