Roles: How to restrict access for certain users

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Control your permission settings for your different team members in shopVOX

User roles are how you set permissions and internal controls inside your shopVOX account. This gives your account added security, and allows you to tailor each users experience to one that fits their role in your company, and hide those that do not.

This article will guide you on how to set which features each team member (user) will have access to. It does not cover or suggest which settings you might want enabled for each role.

You’ll need to assign at at least one role for each user you have in shopVOX. So keep this in mind when creating your roles, It is not wise to make everyone a super user for example.

There are a few default roles:

  • Sales – for all sales reps
  • Designer –  for your design staff
  • Production – for your production staff that don’t need to access anything but Jobs
  • Super User – complete access – for owners and managers who need to see and change everything

If you want to restrict who can view or modify user roles, modify the "account settings" to either "View" or "None"

How to configure the user roles

What do the settings mean?

Full/View/None – these are generally used for data adding/modifying/delete access.

Full – Ability to  Add/Modify/DeleteView – Ability to Read OnlyNone – No access at all – does not even display to the user

Show/Hide options are mainly for UI elements if they can be displayed or not.

Show – Visible to the userHide – Hidden from the user

Once your roles are created, you can assign one or more roles to a user one by one. To assign a user to a specific role or roles, open the specific user you want to assign by going to Account Settings> Users, and clicking on the user. Once you have the user loaded, select "Edit Profile". Find the "Roles" heading, and check the roles you want the user to have. A user is required to have at least one role.


How to add a role for a team member

Pro Tip: You can also use the Roles to send notifications to groups of your employees.

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