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There are many ways to search in shopVOX

There are many places in shopVOX you can use to search and find information you are looking for. This guide is meant to look at searching in specific shopVOX modules (pages), it doesn't go over Global Search (the static search bar at the top of shopVOX)

Best Practices: 

  • Look for the Gear: The small gear is how you can get rid of unneeded columns that have unneeded or unused data fields. This is one way you can tailor your experience. This will enhance your search experience..
  • Pulling a Report: If none of the Places to Search I've listed here are good enough we would suggest that you use a report, or even a custom report. This will allow you to produce an excel file for which can be searched. externally outside of shopVOX.

Below explains where to find each type of search, and what options are currently available within each search.

 Go to the Customers Page (Customers & Vendors> Customers), Click on the "Actions" button, and select "Advanced Search"

Go to the Vendors Page (Customers & Vendors> Vendors), Click on the "Actions" button on the left, and select "Advanced Search"

Quotes: Go to the Quotes Page (Transactions>Quotes) and click on the filter icon

Sales Orders

Go to the Sales Order Page (Transactions>Sales Order) and click on the filter icon


Go to the Sales Order Page (Transactions>Sales Order) and click on the filter icon

Purchase Orders

Go to the Purchase Order Page (Transactions>Purchase Order) and click on the filter icon


Go to the Payments Page (Transactions>Payments) and click on the filter icon

Credit Memos

Go to the Credit Memos Page (Transactions>Credit Memos) and click on the filter icon

Sales Lead

Go to the Sales Lead Page

Job Board

Go to the Job Board

  • Filters are the green boxes to the left
  • You can search Job Name, Customer Name, Transaction Number or PO Numbers in the search bar directly underneath the green filter options.
Inventory (Paid add-on)

Available in the dashboards (Click the home button) or in the settings menu (Company Name>POS Settings>Pricing>Inventory)

  • You can search filter by product or material
Emailed Documents

  • You can filter the sent emails by the following document types - Job Proof, Quote, Invoice, Purchase Order, Company

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