Setting up Products priced by the Square Inch

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Some of the products you sell in your company may be priced by the square inch. This article will cover how to set these up.

Before we get started, here is a little background on formulas and calculations in shopVOX. The logic for the Area formula is to take Inch measurements and convert them to feet and the end result is a Square Foot number. With that being said, we need to create these differently.

Here are the steps to do this -

Step One:

On the Product page - basic settings or the first page when first creating a new Product.

You will set the:

- Pricing Type to basic

- UI Template to Normal

- Check the Flag - Use Template

- Cost and Price will be set to Zero

- Units set to Each

The reason we set the Cost and Price to zero is we will be using the Pricing Template to do the math for the pricing. We have also set the Unites to Each, since this will be sold as a Piece even though it is calculated using Square Inches.

Step Two:

When creating a Product for the first time and you choose the Use Template flag, you have to Create the pricing template from the Actions button. This will add the Pricing Template selection on the right.

A window will pop up to add your Attributes. Let's start with adding the Height and Width attributes.

NOTE: Do not use the Area attribute as this will end up with a Square Foot calculation.

Step Three:

We have created the Product and added the Pricing template tab with the parameters we we need to add the Materials, as this is where the cost and price will come from. So we will create a new Material.

Go to Company name > POS settings > $ Pricing > Materials

This will open the Materials list and we will create the material that is use to create this Product.

Step Four:

On the material, this is how you will set it up.

  1. 1. Type in Name and choose Type and Category
  2. 2. Selling Units = SqIn
  3. 3. Buying Units = Unit
  4. 4. Enter Cost per SqIn and Price per SqIn
  5. 5. Formula = Unit

NOTE: Reminder we will be writing a formula, so we don't want to use the Area formula in the Formula list.

Step Five:

Return to the Product and we will add this new material.

- Click on the Pricing Template

- Click the Edit button in the Items to be charged section

Step Six:

Find the Material by selecting the Type and Category where you saved the material.

Step Seven:

Edit this Material by clicking the Blue pencil icon on the far right.

Step Eight:

In the Item Formula field type in the attributes for Height and Width to multiply these two numbers together.


NOTE: the Per Unit flag will calculate for the Quantity. So if you have multiple Units of the Product you will enter the Quantity and this flag will multiply by that quantity.

Step Nine:

You're all set!!

Create a quote to test this out. You will see in the Bill of Material page after you have created it, will show SqIn in the Size and the Units on the PDF will be as Each.

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