How do I remove / delete materials, material types, or material categories?

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Material types and categories help you keep your account organized. It is important to have some structure but don't get hung up on it.

Just make sure you use names that mean something to you and your team.

shopVOX protects you from permanently erasing something by having you deactivate before you delete.

Here's how to edit and remove those types and categories in your account.

How to edit material types and material categories

How to remove and delete material types and material categories

Some times you might need to delete unused Materials or Categories to clean up your setup database in shopVOX and for that reason we have added a mechanism to do this easily.

However we have made this a two step process

  1. Deactivate and then
  2. Delete

Why, because when you are bulk deleting stuff if you think you made a mistake, this is just a way to catch it, instead of saying ".....ooops". So first you "Deactivate" and then you "Delete".

Now if anything you are trying to Delete is used in some other object then it wont let you delete that item.

Example:  If you are using a Material inside a template then it wont let you delete the Material.  If a Category is being used then you cannot delete that Category

So here are the steps.

To delete Materials:

Go to POS Settings >> $ Pricing >> Materials

Once you get the list of all of your materials, you will see check boxes on each row on the left hand side column and also another check box in the headings, before Name. If you check that check box then all the rows that are available to "Deactivate" can be deactivate. Click that check box and then click the red Deactivate Button on the top right hand side.

Once you click the check box before the "Name" then it will check all the rows in this page (if there are more than one page you will have to do this one page at a time. If you want to see more rows at a time in one page select the number of rows on the right hand side of the search bar to show more rows per page)

Then click the "Deactivate" button

Do this until you have "Deactivated" all the rows you want to get rid of.

Then go to the top left hand side drop down to go to the "Disabled" list of items. Here you will see list of rows that have been "Deactivated". Do the same here by selecting the check box at the header level and now the button says "Delete"

Now go ahead and click this so that you can permanently delete these rows of data, either Materials or Categories.

If a Material/Labor/Machine rate is being used in any Pricing Template of a given product then you cannot delete that Material/Labor/Machine rate.

If you want to delete it, first remove it form the template or templates that are currently using them.

To see which Products it is being used in, go into the details page of the Material/Labor/Machine rate and at the bottom it will show you a list of Products it is being used with a link to that Product.  Click that link and then go to the Pricing Template on the side and then remove it from that Pricing Template definition.  Once it is removed from all products then go back to the Material , refresh and then you should be able to first de-activate that material and then go to the list of de-activated materials and there you can delete it.


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