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Yes, we offer support with database migrations. After all, who wants to recreate all of those customers and names right? We are able to use database files from Quickbooks Desktop & Online, CasPER, ActivityPOS and Cyrious.  We are also able to include the transaction History as simple text files for future reference.  For other customer management systems, we will have to review the data file. Please be aware that this is an optional process that is not free. 

The current charge to do this process can be requested by emailing

This is assuming we are able to do so based on the data we are working with. If it a new database format we have never mapped before there will be a 30 day delay.

What can be transferred - 

  • Customers - addresses, contacts, contact information and taxes.
  • Invoice history - a read only record of invoice transactions from the customer's history and their details
  • Products - Items you may already have set up with pricing. 

Please send us your database by sharing it with via  Dropbox.

Here are the steps and considerations in order to do so:

  1. Send us the POS file you want to migrate your customers and legacy data from. 
  2. It will take us 3-5 business days to migrate the data and load into your shopVOX account once you've sent us the file.
  3. Once you've sent it to us, you should not be using your old system for new transactions. Enter all new transactions into shopVOX. 
  4. If you haven't already, please schedule a training session with one of our staff. 
  5. If you do not want to add your existing orders and Work in Process (WIP) into shopVOX, you will run both systems until your old WIP is completed.

Here are some specifics for each platform


Required Files from Customers for Activity Data Migration

Required file is.Bak

Customers and Vendors import Required files:

  • Customer.xls
  • sales_rep_mapping.xls
  • CustContacts.xls
  • IndustryTypes.xls
  • Origins.xls
  • Terms.xls
  • TaxClasses.xls
  • APVendors.xls

Files required for Legacy :

  • InvDetail
  • InvHead
  • Transactions


Required Files from Customers for Casper Data Migration

Casper ( Desktop ) Required file is .MDB

Casper ( Cloud ) Required file is .MDB

Where to find .MDB in Casper Cloud ? 

  1.  Login to Casper.
  2. Click the Company Setup
  3. Backup
  4. Give the backup directory on the right-hand side (put it on desktop)
  5. Hit save.
  6. Then go to the desktop on the cloud machine
  7. You will see a folder with a day of the week, open it and inside you will see .mdb file.
  8. Zip that file (compress it).
  9. Open your outlook email on the cloud machine.
  10. Send this zipped file to yourself via outlook.
  11. Once you get this in your email, then forward that to from your outlook email

Customers and Vendors import Required files:

  • tblArCust.xls
  • tblQcsSOContactNames.xls
  • tblQcsSOContactsList.xls
  • sales_rep_mapping.xls

Files required for Legacy :

  • tblQCSTransDetail
  • tblQcsTransHeader
  • tblQcsTransInvoice
  • tblQcsUpSellTrans
  • tblQcsXXOutsource
  • tblQcsxxDigital
  • tblQcsxxEZOutsource

Regarding note, we have note field in the legacy show page, if they have note in the transaction we will show, see below sample Casper legacy screen.


We can import customer contact list, quote history and invoice history.

You will need to contact Corebridge and request a backup file of your account. The file format will typically be .bak or .mdf/ldf files formats. Either format should be fine.


Customers and Vendors import Required files:

  • dbo_Account.xls
  • sales_rep_mapping.xls
  • dbo_Address.xls
  • dbo_PaymentTerms.xls
  • dbo_AccountContact.xls
  • dbo_MarketingListItem.xls

Files required for Legacy :

  • TransDetail
  • TransDetailParam
  • TransPart
  • TransHeader

Cyrious SMS:

Customers and Vendors import Required files:

  • CustomerDatabase.XLS
  • sales_rep_mapping.xls
  • ContactDatabase.XLS
  • CustomerTypeDatabase.XLS
  • EstimateDatabase.XLS
  • IndustryDatabase.XLS
  • PaymentMethodsDatabase.XLS
  • PaymentTermsDatabase.XLS
  • TaxRegionDatabase.XLS

Files required for Legacy :

  • Estimate_Database
  • Estimate_Details_Database
  • Estimate_Modifiers_Database
  • Order_Database
  • Order_Details_Database
  • Order_Modifiers_Database


Customers and Vendors import Required files:

  • Customers.xls
  • sales_rep_mapping.xls
  • Notes.xls
  • Vendors.xls
  • Customers_Notes.xls
  • Terms.xls
  • SalesTaxes.xls
  • Discounts.xls

Files required for Legacy :

  • findocs
  • Jobs
  • LineItems
  • LineItems_LineItems


NOTE: Quickbooks Enterprise platform can not be migrated to shopVOX. The QB account will need to be downgraded to QB Pro.

Required files from Customers to Migrate customers

In QB go to Customers > Customer Center > Excel > Export Customer List

Required files from Customers to Migrate customers + Invoices 

Required file is .Qbb or .Qbw file with the admin user id/password

Note: Please save the file as is and do not change anything in the above file

Customers and Vendors import Required files:

  • customers.xls
  • sales_rep_mapping.xls

Files required for Legacy :

  • qbInvoices

In QB desktop go to ... 

Customers > Customer Center > Excel > Export Customer List

Open this file in Excel and then delete the first tab only.


Quickbooks Online customer list details ...

If you use Quickbooks online, follow the steps in this article to get the customer list - Click Here!

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