Sales Order States

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There are several states a Sales Order can be set to at any given point in time. These states are explained below.

  • In Process - Currently being produced and visible on the Job Board
  • New - When the Sales Order is created and is "New".  This is the first state that a SO will be set to and NO Job have been created and NOT visible on the Job Board
  • Hold - Set this to "Hold" when you want to put an SO on Hold.  When you do this, any Jobs that are associated with the line items on this SO will also be put on hold.
  • Completed - This state is set when all the Jobs on the SO are completed.  This is automatically set by the system when all the jobs are marked as "Completed."
  • No Charge - You can set a SO to "No Charge" if you want to categorize it as a "No Charge" SO.
  • No Charge Approved - You can set a SO to "No Charge Approved" if you want to categorize it as a "No Charge Approved" SO.
  • Void - This state is set automatically by the system when a SO is voided.

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