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How to configure the SMTP settings for your email

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Why should I set up SMTP Settings?

When you first get started with shopVOX - any emails you send to your clients are sent through our mail server.

Now don't worry - they'll still show your Name and Email in the From fields - so to your customer it looks as if it's coming from you.

But depending on your customers email client - there is a chance your email could get blocked or marked as spam because it is showing that it is sent from your email address using our email server.

To make sure your email deliverability rate is high - we recommend you add your own SMTP settings and send all emails through your own email server.

Who do you recommend as an email provider?

  1. G Suite by Google

Here at shopVOX we use GSuite (formerly Google Apps) as our email provider.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Fast and reliable
  • You can use your own domain (ie...
  • It's cheap but provides a ton of value (Starts at $5 per month per user)
  • You get access to Google Docs, Google Drive, and 30GB of cloud storage.

One big reason we recommend you take a look at G Suite for your email is the G Suite integration with our Mail feature.

With shopVOX Mail feature you can -

  • Check your inbox right within shopVOX - click here to set this up.
  • Link incoming and outgoing emails with specific transactions
  • Attach assets stored in your shopVOX account
  • Use canned responses to save you a ton of time.

To get more info on G Suite - click the button below.

Learn more about G Suite

  1. Outlook (Office 365)

Office 365 is another good choice for an email provider. 

Our Mail feature also integrates with the Outlook (online version). 

Learn more about Office 365

How do I find the SMTP Settings within shopVOX?

To setup your SMTP settings, follow these steps:

  1. Login to shopVOX
  2. Click on the Profile picture on the top right hand side of the Main Navigation Menu and click Settings.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click "Create SMTP Server Settings."
  4. Input the correct settings for your email host.
  5. NOTE: Your email address should match your User email ID. If you would like the email address to be a different address, you will need to edit your Profile and change your User ID email.
  6. Check the box "Enabled"
  7. Click "Save".
  8. Click the "Test SMTP Settings" button to test the settings.
  9. From the Test SMTP Settings page, enter an Email address (must be a legitimate address), Subject, and Message.
  10. Click Send test email.  Confirm that the email arrived to make sure it works.  

SMTP Settings for Common Email Providers

Gmail or G Suite

SMTP Mail Server:

SMTP Port: 587

Username: This will be populated with your User ID email address

Password: “email password”

Authentication: select “Password” from drop down

Enable TLS: Yes

With Gmail or GSuite - you might also need to provide additional info for shopVOX to connect. 

Having trouble connecting?

If shopVOX can't connect - please change your security settings for Less Secure Apps at the link below .

If you have 2-step-verification ON, you need to generate an App Specific Password for external applications like shopVOX.

Please follow the steps from the following articles:

  1. Connect to your Google account. Click on the top right corner and click "My account".
  2. Click Security and App passwords
  3. Enter the password of your Gmail account > continue.
  4. Click Select app > select "Other (Custom name) > enter shopVOX and click > GENERATE
  5. After you have followed the steps in the above article, Copy the GENERATED password
  6. In shopVOX - Profile Settings: Edit or Create SMTP setting and In the password field as shown in the screenshot below, paste the generated password.

Outlook 365

SMTP Mail Server:

SMTP Port: 587

Username: This will be populated with your User ID email address

Password: “email password”

Authentication: select “Login” from drop down

Enable TLS:  Yes



SMTP Port:2525

Username: This will be populated with your User ID email address

Password: “email password”

Authentication: select “Login” from drop down

Enable TLS: No

Help! My Email Provider is Not Listed Here

Don't see the settings for your email host listed?

Not a problem.

  1. Visit their website or documentation
  2. Search for SMTP Settings


Troubleshooting your email settings

We have a Test connection button within shopVOX in your profile settings, but if you would like to test this using a third party site you can try this one.

The emails I send from shopVOX are not showing up in my Sent items folder.

This can be tricky to diagnose - and of course we know you want those to show up. If you are using G Suite or Gmail -Emails sent from shopVOX will show up in your Sent Items folder within Gmail.

If you're NOT using G Suite or Gmail -Emails sent from shopVOX probably won't show up in your Sent Items. 

Unfortunately - there is nothing we can do about that on our end. 😔

Because emails are being sent through your server - reach out to your email provider. If you're using the desktop version of Outlook -Emails sent from shopVOX probably won't show up in your Sent Items.

Again - nothing we can do on our end 😔

There is good news though - We always keep a record of any emails sent from within shopVOX (whether it's the quote, sales order, invoice, proof, whatever) 

If you go to the Customer page you'll see a tab for Emailed Documents.

Click Emailed Documents to see everything that was sent. And as a bonus - you can download a copy of the PDF as well.

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