Steps to enable shopVOX eCommerce

The eCommerce add-on is a great feature to allow you to collect payments online for your webstore, shopping cart or cPortal customers.  The most important part is... it will increase cash flow and streamline your account receivables.

So, you have decided to add the eCommerce to your account!  What's next?

There are a few steps you will need to do in your settings for this to be activated.  It is recommended that you test the connection, once you have everything in place.

What we will do behind the scenes...

In the settings we will enable 

  • Shopping Cart
  • Web Store
  • e-Commerce
  • paid cPortal - Customer Portal

You may only need to use one or two of these features, but they will all be turned on as part of the eCommerce add-on.

Secondly, our Billing department will click Generate a token, which will give you access to the e-Commerce settings.  A URL will be auto generated using your shopVOX account name and the extension:

Now for your part!

You will see this screen where you can change the details - if you don't want to change anything - that is fine too.

Step one: Give your store a name!

 In the below screen, ShopSlug is the string that give your account it's unique identity.  It differentiates between the URL of each  shopVOX account’s shopping cart URL.  By default it is the subdomain of the account.  Sometimes this will be a long string as we now auto generate this sub-domain for your account.  

So the highlighted string will be the URL.  In this example the string will be:

NOTE: Two things when entering a URL

  1. Do not add www in your URL
  2. Make sure you put a / at the end

Step two:  How about some color to match your Brand?

You can also make some basic changes to the color schemes if you do not want to code full html/css, simply by editing the color hex values to show your brand colors.  This is done by editing the three boxes for Header color, Button color (primary) and Button color (secondary)

Header Color - This is the header band color - see below how that band color changes depending upon what color you put.

Button color (primary) - This will be any of the top level buttons inside the cart. 

Button color (secondary) - This is any of the buttons colors which are secondary buttons.

By changing the colors for these three elements will be a quick/simple/easy way to match your brand colors.

Step three: Customize the top and bottom of the page.

The flag below the Hex color fields says “Allow Custom Elements” - this by default is turned off - meaning the page is auto generated with header and footer and it looks like this.The logo is copied from the account logo and there is no footer etc.

However if you enable that flag you will have 4 boxes, two for header and two for footer , one box is the html code and the other CSS and when those are properly coded like below it shows your own header and footer - you can use these to match the header and footer of your own website.

After the coding is added the shopping cart looks like this.

Step four:  How to point your own URL to this cart.

Most of the time, customers want to have their URL vs this autogenerated shopVOX url to make it look like their own web page.  Example Auto Generated URL -

Custom URL - (You need to enter this same URL you have put in your CNAME if you want your custom url to work.  So put your custom URL in the field, Domain Redirection field in the settings).

You will need to add CNAME in your DNS hosting service and point that URL to this auto generated URL from shopVOX.

Once you have done that you can use this as your subdomain.  

*** Important ****

  • You are NOT required to get or pay for an SSL certificate. We can get you one for FREE
  • What is that? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Here is more information for your nerdy curiosity
  • Because we are hosting shopVOX on AWS(Amazon Web Services). We are allowed to generate SSL certificates for FREE
  • We will create this for you!

How to further customize your look and feel of the shopping cart.

>>> Coming soon... we will add further options to give your shopping cart the look and feel you want.

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