Optimization tips for the Job board

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In shopVOX , the jobs are very heavy data objects with lot of data from proofs, assets, notes, due dates, etc., so as the number of jobs increase to more than 50-75 this page can become slower.

So to make the job board perform better, please follow these instructions.

Here are the steps on what you can do.

Tip #1

First make your default job board view to be "List View".  You can do this by going to your profile, click Settings, scroll down and you will see where to change this, make it from Card to List.

Tip #2

Go and clear the cache/ history in your browser, make sure you select All time, not last hour or last day (Chrome) (For FireFox search google on how to do this)

And as another step, Please exit Chrome once in a while, because if you use lot of websites, Chrome takes away a lot of your local memory.  You can see this by going to your Task Manager, and see if your total memory of Chrome is like 2-3Gig or so, then shut down Chrome and restart it.

Tip #3

Click the tab Jobs and you should see the list view and this should load faster than the Card View.

Tip #4

For optimal speed, set the default jobs to show as "Show only my jobs" - unless you are the production manager where you need to see all the jobs.

Tip #5

To make this even better... Have the job board open in one tab and the rest of the actions you perform in another tab.  So when you want to go to job board click the browser tab which has jobs already loaded, so you don't need to wait.  

You might say, I need to refresh to see latest data, the answer is NO. ShopVOX Job Board, List View auto updates if any one in your shop makes changes.  So your job board "List View" is always up to date, no need to refresh.

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