Merge Customers

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Sometimes you end up with two customer records in your account that are actually the same customer. This article explains on our merge feature that allows you to merge duplicate customers into a single customer record.

How to merge duplicate customers

Step 1. Find the customer you'd like to merge from (to be removed).

Go to Customers & Vendors > Customers

Search for the customer name in the left side bar. Once you've found them, click the company name.

Step 2. Select Merge from the Actions menu

Step 3. Select the customer you'd like to merge to

This is the one you'll keep in your account.

All transactions and any contacts associated to the old customer record will be transferred to this customer.

What happens next?

shopVOX will disable the customer you merged from.

Transactions from the disabled customer will now appear on the customer you merged to.

Any contacts on transactions from the disabled customer, will now appear on the customer you merged to.

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