Will changes made on an Invoice or Sales Order Line item be updated to the Work Order details?

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YES ! It is possible to edit the Invoice Line Item details and it will be updated on the Work Order page for the Production team to view.

Why would I need to do this?

Sometimes a User will accidentally convert a Sales Order to an Invoice that wasn't totally completed yet....maybe thinking they needed to convert it to Print out or Send the Invoice to the Customer. When this was done, any new information added to the details of Line items were not reflected on the active Job on the Job Board.

We have added this function to avoid any missteps or miscommunications!

Also, these Design/Production notes will transfer to future Re-Orders as well... so your team will have a complete picture of what was done last time!

FIRST...Let's look at how details can be added and how they look

On the Work Order page, there are internal details that you might have added to communicate to the Design/Production employees.  This information is usually behind the scenes stuff that is not important for the Customer to know.  Sometimes, new information needs to be added as the Job progresses. Like color changes, design details, where the Product is to be installed or how it is to be processed.  

Here is what the details look like when you first start a Line item...

This is what it looks like on the Work Order page...

View right before it is Saved

View of Work Order page...

OK... so back to our Original question.

What if the Sales Order is converted to an Invoice, but the Jobs are left on the Job Board?  Will any updates be added to the Work Order page? When the Sales Order is first converted to an Invoice and there are Jobs that are not completed .... a Pop up window will ask if you want to complete them. UNCHECK THIS BOX.... if you are still working on them.

Now... on the Invoice we can see the Show Job buttons.

Click on the Show Button to get to the Work Order page ... see screenshot below.

So... with this scenario, let's say the Customer file has been changed to a new file. This update may be added by clicking the Show Job button.  Make sure to click Save after adding new information.

This information is now visible when the Production team clicks on the Work Order from the Job Board.

Consequently, this will work the other way as well. If information is added to the Work Order page from the Job Board, this will also be added to Line Item details on the Invoice.

NOTE:  As mentioned at the beginning of the Article... when this Invoice is reordered in the future, all the detailed notes will be copied to the new transaction. So a complete picture is available to do an exact copy of the Product from the last time this was made.

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