No Total PDF: How to give a customer options without totaling the whole Quote

Aaron Aldrich Updated by Aaron Aldrich

Don't want to show the total on a quote if you are giving the customer multiple options? Here is a handy tip

You are quoting  the customer multiple options to choose from, but you don't want it to total at the bottom (otherwise it may freak them out at the total price!)

We have an easy solution for this:

Simply choose NO TOTAL PDF when you wish to send this to the client. You can do this in two ways from the ACTIONS button on a quote.

You can either download a PDF or email the PDF direct to the customer. 

Below: This is what a normal quote would look like with the different options totaling up at the bottom.

Below: This is what the NO TOTAL PDF looks like. As you can see the bottom is blank, therefore the customer only sees the price per option

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