Setting up the Mail Feature

Integrate your Gmail, GSuite, or Outlook 365 email accounts with shopVOX

The Mail Feature allows you integrate your Gmail, GSuite, or Outlook 365 email accounts directly with shopVOX, so that you can receive, read, compose and send emails right from the App.

And, shopVOX saves time by allowing you to: 

  • Attach shopVOX assets to emails.
  • Stop retyping the same messages with email templates.
  • Link email threads to transactions and jobs, and more.

Here's how it works

Integrating your Email

Enabling @Mail

Step 1.  Enable the Mail Feature by clicking your Company Menu, Account Settings, Settings.  

Step 2.  Scroll down until you see the Settings section (shown below).  Change the Enable Integrated Mail setting to Yes.  This is the setting to enable @Mail whether you are using Gmail or Outlook.

Step 3.  Click the Home button on your Navigation Menu or Refresh your Browser.  You should now see a new @Mail tab on the Menu.  

Setting up sync for Gmail

Step 1.  Click the @Mail tab to open the Mail feature.  

Step 2.  Click Enable Gmail syncing.  

Step 3.  Sign in to your Gmail account.  Click Allow to allow the shopVOX application to sync with your Gmail account (shown below).

Setting up sync for Outlook

Step 1.  Open your Profile Settings.  In the Upper Right hand corner, click the drop down arrow next to the User Profile picture and select Settings.

Step 2.  On the Profile Settings page, scroll down until you see the Outlook Sync option.  Click Enable.

Step 3.  Sign in to your Outlook account.  Click Allow to allow the shopVOX application to sync with your Outlook account (shown below).

Using the Mail Feature

Click on the @Mail tab on the Navigation Menu to open the Mail feature.

On the Mail page:

  • The Inbox, Search, or Compose buttons on the top left help you manage your email.  
  • To open a message, click a message to open it.  
  • To reply to a message, click the green reply button to top right. 
  • To send a copy, click the Cc or Bcc options.
  • To use one of your shopVOX email templates to compose the message, click the "Prefill email with template..." option. 
  • To add an attachment, click one of the options in the lower left hand corner of the Email window.

Linking an Email to a Transaction, Customer, or Job

For documentation and easy access, an Email can be attached to a particular Transaction, Customer, or Job.  Click the Link button to the Upper right to link the email message (shown below).

Once the message has been attached, it will show up in the Notes section on the Transaction, Customer, or Job to which it was linked.  

On the Note, click the link next to the Note Type to open (and reply to) the Email (shown below).  

Adding a Contact from an Email

If you receive an Email from a contact that isn't in shopVOX, you can add them. 

To add a Contact from an Email into shopVOX, click the green + button to the left of the Contact's name (shown below).  

From the New Contact page, type in the Customer's name that the Contact should be associated with.  Select the name from the drop down list.  Enter the Contact's pertinent information and click Save.


Does this work with my provider (insert name here)?

No sir. Our integrated mail feature only works with the email providers listed here - Gmail, GSuite, or Office 365.

You can however click this bold text to learn how to integrate your SMTP settings from your other provider here.

If I delete a message from my Inbox in shopVOX, will it delete the message from my Gmail, GSuite, or Outlook 365 email?  

Yes.  The Integrated Mail feature is an interface that allows you to receive, send, and manage/delete emails just like if you were logged into your account through Gmail, GSuite, or Outlook. 

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