Problems with Grid Product - Who can I contact for help?

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For any issues with the building Grid Products or importing your Grid from a spreadsheet, please contact our Support team first.

Please provide the following information in an email to with the subject line:

  1. What is the Product Name? (Yard Signs)
  2. What are the variables of your product? (for 3D Grid, my variables are Qty, Size, and Double/Single sided)
  3. What is the Quote number where you tested this product? (i.e Qty 1000, Line Item 2)
  4. What problem are you experiencing? (error codes, functionality issues, please be specific - providing screen shots is helpful)
  5. Any other details you feel might be relevant.

If our Support team cannot help resolve your issue - it will get escalated to a member of our product team.

Common Grid Pricing Issues

Per Unit Pricing is not Calculating Correctly - You can set up the Grid to price your product per unit (price is added to each individual qty). If the checkbox for "per unit" in the Grid Settings window is not checked, then your product will not calculate pricing for each qty that is entered on the quote. Simply make sure the "Per Unit" checkbox is selected.

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