MYOB Export & Sage 50 Export

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Here is how to export a CSV file that will import into MYOB for Invoicing.

Currently MYOB doesn't integrate with ShopVOX like we do with Quickbooks or Xero, but are working on getting a full integration/sync with MYOB for the future. However, for now we can export a CSV file as a temporary solution:

  1. Contact ShopVOX Support team on CHAT and ask them to turn on the MYOB or Sage 50 feature for you.
  2. Once you have access: Click on your company name top left.
  3. Click Account settings and click MYOB Sync Invoices.
  1.  You will then see a screen with all your invoices that have not been exported, you simply click EXPORT CSV.

  1. Save the CSV and import into MYOB (for importing into MYOB or Sage50 please refer to their respective documentation)

For Sage 50 the Process is still the same and here is what the starting link looks like -

For information on setup and use of our Sage Business Cloud Accounting integration, refer to this article.

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