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A feature to extend the flexibility of shopVOX has been added called, "Custom Fields". As of now "Custom Fields" can be added to the following objects

  1. Products
  2. Jobs

What are Custom Fields?

 Depending upon the industry there will be a need to extend and capture information that is custom to that industry or to your specific shop. Since all the fields that are needed by every shopVOX customer cannot be added to the product there by bloating the system with too many fields, the concept of "Custom Fields" has been added to the above two objects as of now. In future these will be also added to other objects like Customers, Sales Leads, Projects etc.,

What types of "Custom Fields" can be defined?

 As of now the following types can be defined.

  1. Drop Down
  2. Text Field
  3. Text Area
  4. Yes/No
  5. Radio Button
  6. Separator
  7. Color

How to define a "Custom Field"?

In the screen shot above the form shows what data is required to define a "Custom Field" for any given object.

Name: What the field name should be.

Required: If this field input is required or not by the user while creating the respective object (Line Items, Jobs) where this field is assigned to.

Category: If you want to group custom fields by some "Category". Just type in the category that you want to name it.

Field Type: Choose the type of Field this is, whether it is a Text Field, Text Area, Radio Button, Dropdown, etc.

Default Value: If any default value should be pre-filled. ( For Collection type enter comma separated values to show them as drop down choices)

Position: What is the sequence in which these fields should be displayed on the forms.

Print Custom Fields on Customer PDF: If this data should be printed on the customer PDF's (like Quotes/Sales Orders/Invoice PDF's?). Note: Custom Fields on Jobs will not print on the Customer Pdf's since those are internal to the shop.

Can select multiple: If you want your Users to be able to multi-select from the drop down choices then check this box.

How to add these Custom Fields?

 You can add these custom fields to "Products" and "Workflow Templates".

  • When custom fields are added to Products, they are added to the Line Item when that Product is added to a Quote/Sales Order/Invoice.
  •  When custom fields are added to "Workflow Templates" these are added to the "Jobs" that are created using those workflow templates.

To add a custom field to the Product, go to the Product definition page and at the bottom you will see a section for "Custom Fields" like below.

Click on the button "New" and you will see the custom field definition form like this.

Enter the required information and hit the "Save" button.

Once one field is added you can either copy the field to the same "Product/Workflow Template" and make changes {see Image Note 2}, or copy all the custom fields to a different "Product/Workflow Template" {see Image Note 1}.

NOTE: Before you copy, make sure you have defined all the required "Custom Fields" to one Product/Workflow template and finalized on the definition. If you have to make changes then you will have to make changes to all the Products/Workflow templates, if you are fine tuning these.

Once all the Product/Workflow template custom fields are defined and you are satisfied and think that what you have added are good for this Product/Workflow template, then you can click the button 'Copy all to Product' to copy the fields to another Product/Workflow.  Once you click on the  button... then in the form that shows up, type the Product name to which you want to copy this set of Custom Fields.

And then hit the button, "Copy Custom Fields".

What happens if a Product has custom fields defined and the Workflow also has custom fields defined?

 If you create a job for a Line Item (which is based on a product with custom fields) and the workflow template (which has custom fields) , then the Job details page will show both the custom fields on the Job Details page. However, a User can edit the custom fields data on the job details page, which were defined for the Workflow template, but not for the Product (corresponding Line item). To modify the custom fields data defined on a Product, you have to go to the line item edit on the Sales Order to update any data that was originally entered.

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